Carbon Laminates Carbon Laminates

Carbon laminates are pultruded carbon fiber profiles with excellent mechanical properties. Standard sizes include 100 mm wide X 1.4 mm thick and 50 mm wide X 1.4 mm thick carbon laminates.

Product UsesApplication Areas

  • Structural strengthening, restoration, reconstruction, repair, seismic retrofitting of reinforced concrete/concrete, masonry, metal (Steel), Wood constructions.
  • Increasing the load capacity of reinforced concrete/concrete, masonry, metallic and wooden structures (including complex geometric shapes, as well as in confined spaces) without increasing their weight.
  • Increased seismic resistance
  • Structural strengthening of bridges and chimneys.

Product BenefitsFeatures

  • High Mechanical characteristics
  • Wide range of application
  • Lightweight, system does not create an additional load on construction
  • Minimum labor and time spent on work
  • Low transportation cost
  • Ability to perform repair without interrupting the operation of buildings or structures
  • No additional costs for further operation

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