Glass Fabric Glass Fabric

Glass fabric is woven from glass fiber roving. Although not as strong or as rigid as carbon fabric, it is much cheaper and significantly less brittle.

Glass fabric is produced in different GSMs which means ‘Gram per square meter’. GSM is the weight of fabric in gram per one square meter. Common variants include 400 GSM, 600 GSM, 900 GSM, etc. Variations in GSM, fiber orientation, and the number of layers affect the tensile strength of the material.

Product UsesApplication Areas

  • Increases flexural, shear & axial load capacity of the structure
  • Can be applied on structures like:
    1. Seismic Retrofitting of Civil Structures
    2. Pipe Encasing for Leakage & Strengthening
    3. Columns and Chimneys
    4. Beams and Slabs
    5. Silos and Tanks

Product BenefitsFeatures

  • Various Options available to give free hand to Designer to have tailor made system
  • Light in Weight & do not increase dead weight on the structure

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