Resin Resin

RELINFORCETM resin systems are used for impregnation, bonding, saturation of CFRP products. They provide an excellent balance of viscosity & pot life resulting in excellent flow properties and fiber wetting while enhancing the toughness of the cured system.

Product UsesApplication Areas

  • Structural Adhesive with high wettability, suitable for bonding tapes and fabrics of carbon and glass
  • Suitable for application on vertical or overhead
  • Use with tapes and fabrics with even high aerial weight.

Product BenefitsFeatures

  • Composition with improved mechanical characteristics
  • Designed specifically for the RELINFORCE fabric and laminate range
  • High Adhesion to different surfaces: concrete, masonry, metal, wood, stone
  • Low Viscosity and convenient for impregnating tapes and fabrics with high areal weight manually
  • Does not require a primer
  • Solvent free

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