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Changing social needs, upgrading of design standards, increased safety requirements and deterioration result in concrete structures to be strengthened.

RelinforceTM is a range of Fibre Reinforced Polymer system for structural strengthening & protection of the structural members.

Product BenefitsFeatures

  • High Strength with low weight
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent fatigue behavior
  • Welding and heavy equipment not needed
  • Minimal disruption and noise during preparation or installation
  • Minimal Change to structure’s shape, weight or appearance
  • Thermal compatibility
  • Flexible wrap allows tailoring to desired shape
  • Faster repair than conventional methods
  • Low total cost

Standard In Industrial ContractingWhat makes RELinforce different

End to end offering

Includes product development, design support, materials, and installation through our authorized applicators

Material Engineering Centre

Design support for bridging the gap between chemistry and application

Consistent quality

Of carbon and glass fabric

Application Development Centre

Product development for custom needs


Resin manufacturing capability

Wide range of capabilities

All composite processes under one roof

Application Development Center (ADC)

Our Application Development Center has experts having hands on experience in handling various chemistries viz epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolic, polyester and other thermosets.

We design and develop customized solutions as per client needs. The center is equipped with proper instruments and standards for requisite testing


  • Structural design & development
  • Load path investigation for design
  • Industrial design, new concepts in reinforcement
  • Strengthening of metal/concrete pipes (with & without leak conditions & internal/external rehab)
  • Strengthening of RCC columns/piles and steel beams/structures
  • Strengthening of pre-stressed concrete beams
Material Engineering Center (MEC)

The emphasis of our Material Engineering Center is to further strengthen the application development competency by building on fundamental material science and engineering principles.

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Why choose usAbout Us

RELINFORCETM systems are cost-effective and an innovative solution for restoring the world’s infrastructure. It doesn’t just repair degraded structures, it makes them stronger than original. It makes jetties, bridges, pipelines, etc. stronger. It can also enhance the resistance of structures against seismic forces. Unlike traditional retrofit or reconstruction techniques that require demolition and reconstruction of part or whole failing structures, RELINFORCETM products generally go right over the existing substrate. This minimizes disruption during repair and saves significantly on installation time and costs.